Incremental Backup Technology
The first time you use Backup995, it will create a Master Backup of your work. Master Backups are a perfect copy of your data files and folders. Future backups are performed incrementally by default. Incremental Backups record only the files and folders you have changed, added or deleted since creating your Master Backup. Incremental backups can be up to one hundred times faster and take up significantly less storage then traditional backups. Incremental Backup technology makes it feasible to perform frequent, manageable backups of your important files.

Scheduled Backups
In order for backups to be truly effective, they must be performed regularly. Otherwise you run the risk of losing days or weeks of your valuable work. Backup995 may be run as a scheduled task to back up data automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Restoring your data
Backup995 makes it easy to restore your files at any time exactly as they were at the point of your Master or any Incremental Backup. Simply select the backup date from a list of your backup dates, specify whether you want to perform a complete backup or just select certain folders to back up and click OK. Click the restore button and Backup995 will restore your files exactly as they were at the time of the selected backup. BackUp995 makes it easy to restore all or some of your files at any time. Simply select the preferred restore date from a list of Master and Incremental Backups, navigate to the folder you wish to restore, specify whether you want to restore subfolders and click the Restore button.

Using Backup995 on a Network:
Backup995 can backup data files across a network. Thus, Administrators may configure Backup995 to perform scheduled backups of data files on multiple computers on a network. Backup995 can automatically store your backups across a network. One of the easiest ways to safely backup your data is to configure backup995 to store Master and Incremental backups on another computer on your network. In many enterprises, specific network folders are automatically backed up onto tape each night. Configuring Backup995 to store your backups on these drives can leverage their effectiveness.

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